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Here Are the Best Anti-Aging Facial Treatments in Dallas

If you live in Dallas and are wondering about anti-aging facial treatments near you, then luckily you are in the right place! Read here to find out about the best non-surgical, no downtime anti-aging facials in the downtown area.

And, right now Mara’s Med Spa is offering a holiday special! Get Mara’s Ageless Antioxidant Facial for the special price of $129 (normally $250) for an hour-long treatment session. What is an Anti-Aging Facial Treatment?

An anti-aging facial treatment strives to fight the war against wrinkles and fake, dull-looking skin.  After an age-defying facial, your skin will be smoother, brighter, and healthier looking.

Anti-aging facials are administered by trained professional estheticians and skincare specialists to turn back the clock on aging skin.

Facials rejuvenate your skin by removing dead skin cells and nourishing your face to produce new, fresh-looking skin cells.  The end result of an anti-aging facial is fewer wrinkles and skin that is firm and bright looking.

What Facials Are Best for Anti-Aging Treatments?

Many Dallas med spas offer anti-aging facials. At Mara’s Med Spa we are proud to offer a large variety of skincare treatments. We offer options for light therapy facials, laser skin rejuvenation, hydrating, deep cleansing, exfoliation, vaporization, extractions, and moisturizing.

Everyone’s skin is different which means the best anti-aging facial treatment for you may be much different than other Dallas residents in your age range. At Mara’s Med Spa, your esthetician will provide a personalized evaluation of your individual skin needs and recommend the best facial procedure for your goals.

Your customized facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, vaporization, extractions as needed, face and neck massage, and hydrating hand treatment. This facial finishes with a luxurious moisturizer, and lip and eye cream.

Mara’s Ageless Antioxidant Facial

One of our most popular skincare treatments is Mara’s Ageless Antioxidant Facial. This regenerating and luxurious facial treatment consists of a professional double cleanse, steam therapy, facial and neck massage, manual extractions, calming Phyto Corrective mask, therapeutic LED lights, antioxidant goji berry hydromask, oxygen infusion therapy, and medical-grade serums and sunscreen.

But that’s not all! This revolutionary antioxidant-rich facial includes oxygen therapy which replenishes the levels of oxygen in the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a youthful appearance to your face.

Our Ageless Antioxidant Facial infuses hyaluronic acid, collagen, and peptides to the deepest layers of the skin for complete hydration and renewal.

Key Ingredients of Our Anti-aging Facial

Our Ageless Antioxidant Facial includes our signature hydro-jelly mask. This mask includes a variety of skin rejuvenating ingredients.

  • Organic pomegranate – Pomegranate facilitates skin repair by promoting dermis and epidermis regeneration, pumping up the skin, and making it more supple and bouncy.
  • Organic Goji Berry – The so-called “longevity fruit” Goji (Lycium Barbarum) is rich in antioxidants and nutrients to help eliminate free radicals and damage to the skin. This berry from China promotes anti-aging and antioxidant properties due to its high concentration of vitamin C.  Goji is rich in flavonoids like beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, and xanthophyll that help to maintain a healthy glow and help to firm, tighten, hydrate and plump the appearance of the skin.  Goji is for all skin types- sensitive skin, mature skin, sun-damaged skin, dry skin, and dull skin.
  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C is known to encourage collagen production in the skin to maintain the skin’s elasticity and aid in healing and repair. Collagen also helps your skin stay supple, smooth, and firm.

Goji berries, the so-called “longevity fruit” is a key ingredient in our anti-aging facial.

Benefits of Mara’s Ageless Antioxidant Facial

Promotes Collagen Production

The infusion of oxygen, antioxidants, and vitamins into your skin encourages the production of collagen which plumps-up facial features and restores volume and firmness to skin that has lost elasticity.

Helps Detox the Skin

Dallas is a big city.  The everyday toxins you encounter here like air pollution and cigarette smoke rob the skin of much-needed oxygen. Our oxygen therapy helps reverse the effects of environmental pollutants and rejuvenates oxygen-starved skin.

Speeds Cell Turnover

The infusion of oxygen into the skin can help the skin create new cells at a faster pace. This increased cell regeneration helps speed the healing of facial scars, acne and blemishes.

No Side Effects or Downtime

The perfect lunch-break beauty treatment, everything about Ageless Antioxidant Facial is designed to gently and quickly exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and leave skin polished and smooth. This facial is great for all skin types!

What to Expect After an Ageless Antioxidant Facial

After this facial, you can expect to see a more refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. It makes anyone look well-rested with a just-back-from-vacation glow.

Free Anti-Aging Facial Consultation

While you may grow wiser as you age, your skin will only grow wrinkles and dull-looking as time marches on.  However, if you take action and speak with a professional skin-care expert, the signs of aging in your skin can be minimized and even reversed.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a skincare expert at Mara’s Med Spa in Dallas Uptown or Highland Park.

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