Mara’s Med Spa offers a wide range of acne treatment options for teenagers seeking solutions that work in Dallas Uptown and Highland Park areas.  We specialize in skin treatment for teenagers, and our acne therapy options include skin resurfacing treatments,  medical-grade laser light acne treatments, chemical peels for acne, micro-needling, PRP and non-invasive HydraFacials for acne.  Many people believe that the primary causes of acne breakouts are diet and excessive stress. However, research has shown that hormones, bacteria and environmental factors are also major contributing factors.  Our skincare experts can combine different types of acne therapy to match the teenager’s skin type, the above mentioned contributing factors and severity of the acne.  Schedule a free consultation today to discover skin care treatment options that can quickly reduce the appearance of acne.


Acne scars form when damage to the skin causes abnormal collagen production. As a result the skin usually appears raised or bumpy. Acne scars can be depressed scars or raised scars. Depressed scars look like pits or craters, while raised scars will be firm and tender. Mara’s Med Spa acne therapies include skin resurfacing therapy to remove acne scars. Our acne treatment services create a smoother, more even skin texture with minimal discomfort. Our acne therapies are below but don’t hesitate to ask for a custom treatment plan. Treatments include: 1) AC Dual IPL, 2) micro-needling, 3) Viva skin resurfacing, 4) chemical peels, 5) PRP, and 6) stem cell therapy. 


Venus Versa uses medical grade blue and red light for acne treatment. Blue light targets the acne’s bacteria. Similarly the longer wavelength of the red light controls inflammation and promotes faster healing. As a result this light therapy helps clear acne breakouts.  How does Venus Versa work?


The Advanced Corrective Peel maximizes peeling by using an exclusive blend of clinical-grade acids and phenylethyl resorcinol. This chemical peel dramatically diminishes discoloration, smooths texture, and refines the appearance of pores. The result is a brighter and more clarified skin tone. For best results we recommend a series of four treatments every four weeks.


HydraFacial MD® is a non-invasive 30-minute treatment.  HydraFacial MD® combines a chemical peel, hydradermabrasion, painless extractions, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. As a result this acne treatment delivers real improvement without downtime or irritation.