This procedure is a natural one and can be used on male and female patients. Clinical tests have shown PRP can increase the density of hair follicles by as much as 30 percent! PRP Treatment For Hair Loss: Effective For Men And Women 

So how does it work? The PRP serum is first created from a small amount of blood which is extracted from the patient. Centrifugation is then used to separate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the blood. When injected back into the scalp, the growth factors present in the PRP solution stimulate new hair growth.

The PRP serum is made using a small amount of the patient’s own blood. Centrifugation is done to separate the PRP. The PRP is then injected into the scalp. 


Plasma for hair loss has the following benefits:

  • Less hair loss
  • Thicker hair growth
  • Less bald spots 


Does PRP Work For Hair Loss?

Yes! In fact, the success rate for the procedure is as high as 54.7%. Both male and female patients reported an improvement. Only natural growth factors are used in this procedure, so there’s very little risk involved. 


What Is The PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate?

Once an individualized regimen is determined, patients can see results in as little as 3-6 months following initial treatment! 

However, the overall success greatly depends on the cause of your hair loss, as well as the PRP system used. We can combine PRP with other treatments to achieve the best results. 

PRP session typically only last 30-45 minutes, making it a very efficient solution to hair loss and thinning hair. You can have one done during your lunch hour! 


Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Safe?

PRP therapy is one of the safest medical procedures currently done since it uses your own blood to create the PRP. Therefore, no rejection or compatibility issues will arise. Injections are always given by a qualified practitioner