ELEVÁRE; latin, verb; to ‘raise up, lift, or elevate’. 

Eleváre brings a unique approach connecting fashion and faith, reinventing inspirational jewelry for people of faith today. Using historic symbols and Bible verses throughout different collections, Eleváre brings The Bible to life in a modern way. 


Angela Zatopek is an on-air television personality and reporter that has been featured on NBC, National Geographic, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Miss Texas USA and One America News. 

Throughout her media career, she has had the opportunity to connect with people and their stories from around the world. After seeing the power of faith and love in any situation, she wanted to create a unifying tool that could reflect and remind people of God’s truths. 

“My desire is for Eleváre to create a community where people can feel “elevated” and inspired to express their personal faith through fashion. The spirit of Eleváre is to serve as a beautiful reminder of God’s truths for each of our lives, offering unique collections and collaborations that can spark 

meaningful conversation through everyday wear. ”