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Best Facials For Brides In Texas – 6 Treatments For Glowing Skin

Putting Your Best Face Forward On Your Big Day

A lot of hard work goes into getting ready for your wedding day, but if you’re looking for the best facials for brides, Mara’s Med Spa in Dallas makes it easy. We know how important it is for Texas brides to look their best on their big day. That is why we offer a variety of rejuvenating, relaxing, and therapeutic treatments custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Our professionals will work closely with you to choose the facial that will leave your skin as glowing as your smile as you walk down the aisle. Here are six of the best facials for brides in Texas, all available today at Mara’s:

Mara’s Custom Facials For Brides

Designed with your skin and your big day in mind, our custom facials start with a thorough skin analysis so our skincare expert team can develop the perfect facial based on your specific needs. Mara’s Custom Facials for Brides can address any number of imperfections, including aging, pigmentation, acne, and sensitive skin concerns. Our team will also recommend a home care routine that can help you extend the benefits of your facial well past your wedding day, through your honeymoon, and as you start your new life together.

Maras - custom facials for brides

IPL PhotoFacials

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, or IPL, PhotoFacials are a popular choice for Texas brides who want to start preparing their skin for the big day ahead of time. Using a handheld device to apply pulses of broad-spectrum light directly onto your skin, your professional esthetician will treat the deeper layers of your skin. This treatment is ideal for treating broken capillaries, sun damage, and other imperfections. We also use IPL PhotoFacials to turn back the effects of aging, stimulate the natural growth of new skin, and eliminate wrinkles, visible veins, brown spots, acne, and fine lines.

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HydraFacials are great for skin resurfacing, cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant protection. HydraFacials at Mara’s Med Spa leave you with clear and beautiful skin with no inflammatory discomfort.

Mara offers three levels of HydraFacials for brides. For brides-to-be with a hectic schedule, Mara’s HydraFacial Express is a 30-minute treatment that uses a patented device to deliver exfoliation, extraction, deep cleansing, and ultra-hydration. We use a vortex swirling technology to provide hydration and remove dead skin, dirt, debris, and impurities while cleansing and soothing.

Brides with a little more time who want to take their HydraFacial to the next level  Mara’s Advanced Hydrafacial is a medical-grade treatment that combines deep cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, ultra-hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously. The result is clearer, glowing skin. Our Advanced HydraFacial includes all of the essential elements of our HydraFacial Express plus extra extractions, LED light therapy, peptide infusion, and lymphatic drainage therapy.

The ultimate HydraFacial experience at Mara’s Med Spa is our signature 60-minute HydraSculpt Facial, which combines our advanced lifting technologies and HydraFacial system to create the ultimate anti-aging and contouring treatment.

Super-Charged Oxygen Facial

This refreshing cell-boosting treatment will breathe life into your skin using pure oxygen and our exclusive peptide formula. Mara’s Super-Charged Oxygen Facial stimulates collagen and elastin growth, targets acne, rosacea, and all forms of dermatitis, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and ageless. This advanced facial treatment also tightens and tones your skin, lifts your eyebrows, and defines, lifts, and sculpts your cheeks and jawline, giving you a youthful, refreshed appearance. Results are immediate and breathtaking!

Express Refresher Facial

Like our HydraFacial Express treatment, our Express Refresher Facial is perfect for brides whose pre-wedding schedules are already packed. This 30-minute facial includes cleansing, manual extractions, and dermaplaning. The result is flawless and luminous skin. Get ready to blow your guests – and your soon-to-be-spouse – away!

The D-Town Brightening Facial

Perfect right before your special day, the D-Town Brightening Facial for hyper-pigmented skin is a gentle treatment that visibly reduces the appearance of skin blemishes, discoloration, and sun damage.  Not only does this treatment remove the appearance of a dull complexion by brightening and hydrating your skin, but it also stimulates collagen production to help tighten your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Let Mara’s Help You Make Your Wedding Day All You Want It To Be

At Mara’s Med Spa, we make sure that Texas brides walk down the aisle with the confidence of knowing that they look their absolute best. If your big day is coming up, we welcome the opportunity to be a part of it. To learn more about our signature facials for brides or to book a complimentary consultation, please contact Mara’s Med Spa at one of our two locations.

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