If you think non-surgical options won’t provide the results you truly desire, or take too long to achieve any results, think again! Introducing TriBella™ for Venus Versa: a three-in-one non-surgical facial treatment with fast, long-lasting results.

What makes Tribella different?

Tribella is the combination of three powerful non-surgical treatments. The result of Tribella is healthier, younger-looking, and truly age defying skin. Results are visible from day one.  So how does it work? Tribella combines three separate applicators to improve facial tone, elasticity and texture. It is a complete facial rejuvenation. Here’s how these three applicators work:
  • SR Intense Pulse Light (IPL) applicator is used for photorejuvenation: This powerful applicator uses intense pulsed light to reduce darks spots and hemoglobin pigment inside visible blood vessels. It reverses discoloration, reduces sun damage, fades age spots, can drastically reduce active acne, and improves overall skin tone.
  • DiamondPolar applicator is used for anti-aging: Uses a precise combo of energy to produce heat beneath the skin. Once heat is produced, it promotes healthy blood flow and increases production of collagen and elastin fibers. This increases circulation in the skin. This is completely painless. It also erases fine lines, reduces wrinkles, firms up the skin, and will rejuvenate overall elasticity. 
  • NanoFractional IF applicator is used for skin resurfacing: This applicator is used to direct energy beneath the top layer of skin and uses tiny electrode pins to boost elastin and collagen production. This applicator causes very little impact on the outer skin. The benefits include reduced pore size, smoother skin texture, scar reduction, and improvement of rosacea.
When combined, these three treatments produce the most comprehensive non-surgical facial option available. Tribella produces fast results, with less treatments needed. Appointment time for Tribella will take less than one hour and a half. Depending on the intensity of your treatment, total downtime is between three to five days.

To book your appointment for Tribella, call Mara’s Med Spa at one of our two locations in the Dallas area Metroplex. Uptown: 469-730-3333 or Highland Park: 214-373-9500.