Increase. Restore. Perform!


Med Spa P-Shot in Dallas


Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.


Doctor recommended treatment for Peyronie's Disease.


Improved sexual stamina with stronger, firmer erections.


Increased penile length and girth.


Increased blood flow and sensitivity.


Pill-free. Non-surgical. FDA-approved.


Feel sexy again!

Improve. Perform. Satisfy!

Are you suffering from the painful effects of Peyronie’s Disease? Does erectile dysfunction keep you from intimacy? You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of men are discouraged by these same issues. But, what if there was a way to get you not only back in the game, but with an increase in sexual satisfaction for you and your partner? And what if this could be done without pills, surgery, or pain? 

Regain  Beast Status in the Bedroom.

Improve Girth • Length • Strength • Stamina • Sensitivity • Satisfaction

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Quick and Painless

Ignite Your Fire

Look and Feel Sexy!

Treatment of the Gods

The “P” in P-Shot stands for Priapus, the Grecian god of male rejuvenation and sexual health. The Priapus-Shot lives up to it’s namesake in a big way. Whether you are seeking treatment for Peyronie’s Disease (a painful curvature of the penis due to scar tissue),  want to eliminate the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction, or desire an increase in stamina and performance between the sheets, the P-Shot is your dream come true. 

P-Shot treatments at a med spa are a pain-free alternative to pills and awkward doctor visits. Hundreds of men in Dallas have experienced the transformative power of the Priapus-Shot, with no down-time and optimal results.

As the Dallas leader in P-Shot treatments, there’s simply no med spa more experienced and qualified to deliver the results that are sure to make you and your partner stand up and take notice.

“Our goal is to help you embrace your best self and feel empowered in every aspect of your life.”

– Mara Pinney, Owner

Where Can I Get the P-Shot in Dallas

Boost your confidence and your sexual prowess with the P-Shot at Mara’s Med Spa in Uptown Dallas.

Don’t let Peyronie’s Disease or ED stand in the way of your sexual health and wellness. Take control today and experience the difference the P-Shot can make in your love life.

If you are searching for P-Shot near me in Dallas, then you need to schedule your consultation to discover the options available for men at the best med spa in Texas.

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I recently visited Mara’s Med Spa for P-Shot treatments, and my partner and I are extremely satisfied the results. I feel like I am in my 20’s again!”

Stephen C.


“I was nervous going into my P-Shot consultation at Mara’s, but I didn’t have to be. From the moment I walked in the med spa I was treated with respect and consideration – which is a comfort for any man with ED. The procedure was painless and the results are off-the-charts!”

Quinten L.


“I thought my sex life was over when I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease. But then I found the Priapus Shot. Now my performance and satisfaction are even better than before. Highly recommend Mara’s Med Spa in Dallas for treatment.”

Robert B.

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Regain Your Confidence

Treatments for male sexual health at a med spa are designed to return you to your youthful vigor and stamina. Using the regenerative properties of your own blood, the P-Shot will deliver relief from Peyronie’s Disease, erectile dysfunction, and you will notice the difference in your sexual performance and stamina. 

This state-of-the-art, pain-free procedure at Mara’s Med Spa offer an alternative to pills, surgeries, and other uncomfortable treatments, without the risks or downtime associated with invasive procedures.

    A Quick Look at the P-Shot at a Med Spa

    What is the P-Shot?

    The Priapus-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood, enriched with additional growth and healing factors, to stimulate the growth of new cells in your erectile tissues.

    What to expect during the consultation?

    All treatments at Mara’s Med Spa begin with a consultation with your treatment provider, who will answer all of your questions about the P-Shot and recommend the optimal number of treatments to perform based on your personal objectives.

    Treatment times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain the optimal results.

    What to expect during the procedure?

    Your procedure will begin by your fully- trained, licensed, and experienced medical injector taking a sample of your blood. This sample is then placed in a centrifuge which separates platelets from your blood’s other components. While the injection is being prepared, a numbing agent will be applied to the genital area.

    Once this PRP cocktail is ready and your genital area is sufficiently numbed, we inject the PRP cocktail directly into the penis. You may feel some slight pressure, but no pain. We then use a penis pump to keep the PRP in place for 15 minutes.

    Following your procedure, your provider will explain after-procedure care. You will be able to begin sexual activity the same day.



    Who is a good candidate for the P-Shot?

    Any Dallas man suffering from Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, or who wishes for increased stamina and sexual prowess is a good candidate for the P-Shot. 

    Even men who are already taking medications for erectile dysfunction can benefit from the P-Shot. 

    Is P-Shot safe?

    Yes. The use of PRP in rejuvenation therapies has been used for many years to safely and effectively treat everything from broken bones to hair loss.

    Your blood’s growth factors are what make the P-Shot work. Because the sample we use is your own blood, there is no risk of infection, allergic reactions, or other complications that arise when utilizing a third-party donor.

    What about the cost?

    Your initial consultation with our professional injector is subject to a $100 fee, applicable to the final treatment cost. For pricing information and to learn more about how the P-Shot can help your performance, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team.



    Pro’s and Con’s of P-Shot


    Pain-free and quick procedure

    Improved sexual performance and pleasure

    Resolution of penile pain with erection

    Safe and effective for ED and Peyronie's Disease


    Temporary redness and swelling following procedure

    Platelet-Rich Plasma: The Science Behind the P-Shot


    What is PRP?

    The scientific backing for the P-Shot is in the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate the rejuvenation of cells in the penile region.

    PRP is a concentration of platelets and growth factors derived from a patient’s own blood that can stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue. 

    PRP is composed primarily of two elements:

    Platelets: These are blood cells that play a crucial role in healing. Platelets contain granules that are rich in growth factors and cytokines, which are signaling proteins that are essential for the repair and regeneration of tissues.

    Plasma: This is the liquid component of blood that acts as a medium for red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to circulate through the body. Plasma also contains various factors essential for cell survival such as nutrients, electrolytes, and hormones.

    How is PRP extracted from my blood?

    The preparation of PRP involves a process called centrifugation, where the patient’s blood is spun at high speeds to separate its components based on density:

    Blood Collection: A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn into a tube.

    Centrifugation: The tube is placed in a centrifuge where it is spun to separate the blood into layers.

    Extraction of PRP: The layer consisting of concentrated platelets and plasma is extracted.

    How does PRP promote cell rejuvenation?

    Once PRP is injected into the damaged area, it works in the following way:

    Release of Growth Factors: The high concentration of growth factors found in PRP can significantly enhance the body’s natural healing process.

    Stimulation of Cellular Processes: These growth factors initiate and amplify the healing process by attracting cells that repair tissue, such as stem cells and osteoblasts.

    Enhancement of Tissue Regeneration: PRP has been shown to promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), improve the healing of tendons and ligaments, and stimulate bone regeneration.

    P-Shot in Dallas

    Informative consultation and treatment plan. Experienced technicians. Cost and financing strategy.