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Everything You Need to Know About PRP For Hair Loss

Mar 13, 2023 | Hair Restoration

At Mara’s Med Spa, we know that your hair can play a significant role in your self-confidence, which is why we offer revolutionary treatments for your scalp – including PRP for hair loss to men and women in Dallas. So if the amount of hair in your shower drain or hairbrush is of concern to you, or you have experienced other impacts on your life because of hair loss, here is what you need to know about how platelet rich plasma therapies can give you the hair of your dreams.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapies at a med spa harness your blood’s healing and rejuvenating power to stimulate hair follicles and growth factors in your skin. This highly effective treatment is popular with athletes recovering from injury. Why?

When your body receives a soft tissue injury, your circulatory system automatically sends platelets to this area to start healing the wound by releasing growth factors, thus increasing collagen production, stimulating blood flow, and regenerating the site of the injury.

Likewise, a med spa treatment using PRP for hair loss is merely harnessing that reaction and targeting it towards specific areas you would like to improve your health and appearance, such as your skin and hair!

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRPso that only platelet-rich cells remain. Mara’s master estheticians inject this processed platelet-rich blood into your scalp. Because your own blood is the source of the plasma, the treatment is as safe as it is effective.

Treatment Overview for PRP for Hair Loss

Like most of our marvelous med spa treatments at Mara’s, your treatment for hair loss begins with your complimentary consultation. One of our master medical estheticians will examine your hair follicles under magnification to evaluate the degree of hair loss present. Using the industry-accepted Norwood and Ludwig Scales, they will determine if PRP is the appropriate treatment for your hair restoration. Type I is mild hair loss, while Type II is considered moderate. You will likely benefit from PRP treatments if your loss falls into one of these classifications.

The actual treatment will begin with your fully trained, licensed and trained medical esthetician drawing a very small amount of your blood and then placing it in a specialized centrifuge to spin and separate the platelets from the red blood cells.

Mara - man receiving injection of prp for hair lossOnce the plasma is ready, they will apply a topical anesthetic to your scalp. Once numb, tiny needles inject the PRP back into your hair follicles. Due to the needle size, there are generally no visible signs of having the scalp treatment. There is also no downtime, though you may find that your scalp feels a little numb following the procedure.

Typically, a treatment using PRP for hair loss will last 30-45 minutes, making this an easy session to schedule over your lunch hour.

Immediately after your hair restoration treatment, your scalp will be tender and slightly inflamed. This response is normal; any redness may take up to one week to entirely subside. We recommend wearing a hat to limit sun exposure to the sensitive hairline if you plan to be in the sun within the first 24 hours of the treatment.

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When Will You See Results, and What Are They?

Because the growth cycle of new hair happens in intervals of three to four weeks, your hair restoration treatment may take up to three months to show full results. Additionally, we recommend starting with three treatments over six months to ensure that every hair follicle receives treatment during the anagen (active growth) phase.

Many of Mara’s patients report marked improvement in their hairline after just one treatment!

Consistency is the key here. After the initial set of treatments and depending on your desired personal results, Mara’s team may suggest repeating the process every three to six months.

The results of PRP for hair loss can be seen in a reduction in the amount of hair falling out, early growth of new hair and an increase in the length of hair.

PRP for Hair Loss – Proven Success Rate

Using PRP for hair loss is a proven med spa treatment that produces stronger, longer and thicker hair by bringing dormant follicles back to life.

According to recent research, “84% of all studies reported a positive effect of PRP, 50% demonstrated a statistically significant improvement while 34% showed hair density and hair thickness improvement.”

This method of hair restoration may benefit those suffering from alopecia, hereditary hair loss, hormonally-induced hair thinning and male pattern baldness.

PRP is Just One Option for Hair Restoration at Mara’s Med Spa

At Mara’s Med Spa, we know that confidence is the best beauty secret out there. If hair loss is affecting your outlook, we can help restore your hairline and your self-esteem through PRP, laser treatments, and many other proven techniques.

What are you waiting for? Get the thick, strong hair you have always dreamed of at Mara’s Med Spa. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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