Scar Removal Treatments in Dallas

May 24, 2021 | Acne, Microneedling, Scars & Stretch Marks

Today’s modern med spas offer several types of scar removal treatments that can meet the needs of most all skin types, scar sizes and types and budgets. In this post, we explore 4 of the most effective scar treatments offered by our two Dallas med spa locations.

Scars No Longer Need to Last Forever

Scars are not forever, you can make many types of scars either dramatically less apparent or even completely invisible to the naked eye. Stretch marks and scars are very common for both men and women, especially as we age. Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss.

Scars can be caused by injury, acne, burns or surgery. We get calls all the time from people who ask “Can acne scars really be removed?”  The answer is Yes!  If you suffer from acne scarring then you need to learn about the scar removal treatments available at Mara’s Med Spa in Dallas. We have the most advanced scar removal technology and expertise to help you drastically reduce the appearance of your scars. Your new skin cells will look and feel smoother.

How Does a Dallas Med Spa Get Rid of Scars?

Scars and stretch marks can be treated with chemical peels, microneedling, IPL lasers and dermaplaning. These med spa-quality treatments administered by trained skin specialists can be used individually and also combined to maximize the effectiveness of scar reduction and get faster results.

Laser Resurfacing Scar Removal Treatment

Laser skin resurfacing uses an IPL laser to remove damaged skin cells layer by layer. New skin cells form during healing and give the skin a younger, fresh-looking surface. The procedure can be combined with other cosmetic scar removal treatments for excellent results. Best for lighter-skinned individuals.

Microneedling Scar Treatments

Microneedling can be used for the treatment of various types of scars including acne, stretch marks, surgical procedures, wounds and aging. A microneedling treatment for scar reduction uses small needles to prick the skin and cause the skin to generate new collagen and healthy new skin tissue. Can be used on all skin tones.

Chemical Peels and Scar Removal

Chemical peels are a staple of med spa treatments and come in many varieties to address specific skin issues and skin types.  Chemical peels for scars improve the appearance of mild scarring by using a special chemical formulation to remove outer layers of older skin. New skin grows back that is usually smoother and less scar-like in appearance.  A chemical peel treatment scar removal treatment can last several months to forever, depending on the strength of the chemicals in the peel formulation.


Dermaplaning is a physical, non-chemical exfoliation treatment for deep acne scars that makes your skin’s surface smooth, radiant and youthful. Scar removal patients notice a reduction in acne scars along with reduced wrinkles and brighter skin. Safe for virtually everyone and usually requires little to no downtime.  We often combine a chemical peel with a dermaplaning treatment as the skin can more deeply absorb the benefits of the chemical peel after the physical exfoliation of the dermaplaning treatment.

Schedule a Scar Removal Treatment Free Consultation

If you have scars that you wish would just disappear then a med spa scar removal treatment might just make your wish come true.  The first step is free and easy – just contact us to book an appointment for a free skincare consultation and skin evaluation.

During your free consultation, you will meet with a skin specialist with expertise in modern scar removal treatments.  Our expert will evaluate your scars and offer recommended treatments that can decrease and even eliminate those ugly scars. Today’s med spa cosmetic methodologies and cutting-edge technologies offer you one of the best eras ever in terms of the treatment options available to Dallas residents suffering from scar tissue. At Mara’s Med Spa our estheticians and skin care professionals can offer all of the above scars and stretch mark treatments and will help you to decide the best one for your needs during your confidential consultation at location in Uptown Dallas, TX.