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The Best Massages Given at Medical Spas

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing massage that lifts up your spirit and gives you the energy boost that gets you going through the busy routines of your life. A good massage relaxes the tired muscles in your body, increases the circulation of blood and relieves you from pains and aches. 

An hour that you spend on the massage table helps your body and mind operate at the optimal level. You never know that you deserve and need these relaxing benefits while getting used to chaotic and taxing lifestyles. Here we discuss five such med spa massages that give you the strength to continue thriving with your busy personal and professional schedules.


1- Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re suffering from a chronic muscular pain due to some injury; this is the massage you need to get. This 50-minute therapy reduces muscular inflammation and is very good at reducing pain related to arthritis. The therapist at a medical spa will identify the tight muscular spots in your body and will then try to increase the blood circulation in order to ease muscle tension.


2- Swedish Massage

This massage type is designed specifically for stimulating blood circulation, but the methods used to do so in this massage are unique and quite effective. The therapist will use various movements during the therapy like kneading, vibrating, tapping and rolling in order to ease the blood flow. A combination of various essential oils is used to reduce the skin friction. As relaxing as it is,a  Swedish massage is also very good for tissue adhesions.


3- Reflexology

This is a therapeutic massage that was invented based on the idea that specific areas of our hands, ears, scalp and feet are connected to the major nerves of our body. In reflexology some pressure is applied on certain points of these body parts to reduce stress, encourage the function of the nerves, improve immune system, and to increase your energy level.  


4- Trigger Point Therapy

Do you constantly complain of headaches? Do you get the bouts of migraines every now and then? If you do then trigger point massage is the best remedy for you. A few sessions of this massage and you will see a decline in your frequent headaches. Also, trigger point therapy helps you relieve muscle tissue injuries that cause pain in other parts of your body.


5- Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Cold stone massages relieve you of sinus congestion. They improve blood circulation in the areas of your body with low blood pressure. A cold stone massage also leaves you with a firmer textured skin. On the other hand, hot stone massages help you with deep muscle pain. The effect of the hot stones penetrates deep into your body tissues and blood vessels, and result in better blood circulation as well as lymph movement. This ends up alleviating your everyday stress and tension. 

If you are ready to start working on your health and wellness goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Mara’s Med Spa to find out how we can help you! To learn more about these innovative treatments and to schedule your consultation at one of our Dallas locations, just call or text 469.730.3333.  We are located in Uptown Dallas across from the Crescent, Moxie’s and the Ritz Carlton and in the Highland Park Preston Center Shopping Center near North Park Mall off of the Toll Road and Northwest Highway.