The Effectiveness and Benefits of Glycolic Peels

Aug 24, 2019 | Acne, Anti-aging, Dry Skin

One of the very soothing and relaxing therapies you can treat yourself with at a medical spa is the glycolic peel therapy. These chemical peels freshen up the look of your skin and revive its glow.   Glycolic peels are made up of a sugarcane derivative and have a mild impact on your skin. They target the skin’s epidermis and do not penetrate the deeper layers.  Giving you fresh and glowy skin is just the start; here we discuss five benefits glycolic peels give to your skin.

Makes Skin Pores Small

Glycolic peels are very effective at shrinking the pores of your skin. The fact is that your skin pores get enlarged when clogged with bacteria and dirt. This gives you blackheads. Glycolic peel seeps into the epidermis of your skin and removes dead skin cells on its surface. Once cleansed, your skin pores shrink.

Good for Acne

Glycolic peels can prove to be an excellent treatment for acne and acne scars. If your dermatologist at med spa increases the glycolic acid content in the peels, they can target the breakout of bacteria that’s causing acne. This results in your skin becoming clearer, fresher and younger looking in just a few sessions.

Reduces the Effects of Sun Damage

If your skin is exposed to sun for longer durations then this direct contact with sunlight may result in dark spots on your skin or its discoloration. Glycolic peels shed the affected skin layer and reveal the fresh layer of skin that lies underneath it. Moreover, glycolic therapy stimulates rebuilding of your skin cells. This results in a brighter complexion of your skin.

Anti Aging 

Using these peels, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging on the face and neck area are reduced, leaving behind brilliant results! The glycolic acid strengthens the deep layers of skin and softens the lines on your face. Few sessions of this therapy will leave you with tighter skin and with a firmer appearance of your face.  

Increases Collagen Production

Glycolic peels enhance the production of collagen in your skin making it supple. This improved collagen production keeps your skin soft, maintains its elasticity, and absorbs skin moisture. Also, this enhanced collagen production keeps your skin smooth, preventing it from going dry.