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Why Everyone Loves the iS Clinical Active Serum

Everyone has their favorite skincare items. Some they have used since grade school and remain loyal to. Some products they’ve discovered through beauty bloggers, reviews or simply out of necessity. iS Clinical’s Active Serum is a must-have product sold at Mara’s Med Spa. It becomes highly obvious why this product is so popular once you look at the reviews left by satisfied customers. Keep reading to find out what’s so special about this serum, and why so many people are raving about it.

iS Clinical Active Serum

This multi-purpose serum generates fast and dramatic improvements in overall skin quality. The list below includes all of the amazing benefits that this product brings.

  • Diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens out pigmentation, sun damage and dark spots
  • Smoothes the skin and improves the texture
  • Controls acne and clears marks from previous breakouts
  • Adds hydration and softens the skin

A Remarkable All-Rounder:

Active Serum is highly endorsed by leading physicians and experts, who describe the serum as “miraculous” and “one of the most important products in the field of skincare”. Active Serum is so multifaceted, people with different types of skin concerns can still use this one product.

How It Works:

Working immediately upon application, Active Serum produces an “active” tingling sensation to the areas applied. The tingly feeling is a sign that the serum is working! This formula is designed to be absorbed by the skin within the dermal layers. The serum penetrates deeply enough to affect the skin cells, therefore the results are created on a cellular level.

How To Use:

Keep in mind this product comes in a cute, blue, glass bottle. With a modern yet clinical look, it appears luxe and professional, which is also the way it performs. Active Serum is easy to use and easy to apply.

  • Apply Active Serum sparingly to clean skin
  • Smooth over face and neck (or as directed)
  • Be prepared for the slight tingling sensation, as this “active” product works its magic. This should go away within a few minutes.

Mara’s Med Spa is an authorized retailer of this product. If you would like to know more info or purchase this product, please give us a call at one of our Dallas Metroplex locations.