Hair loss affects millions of men and women each year. If your hair does not grow at the speed you want it to, your confidence may decrease. You may even feel less sociable and choose to stay at home. If hair loss has negatively impacted your life, PRP treatments are the right option for you. 

What is PRP?

PRP treatment is also known as platelet-rich plasma. It is a non-surgical treatment that is considered extremely powerful. Components of your blood will leverage the natural healing abilities within your body to fight hair loss.
There have been many clinically proven cases on how PRP does help with hair loss. About 85% of patients see 
results within six months of actively doing treatments. PRP can be a stand-alone treatment option.



Who is a good candidate?

When you are looking for a way to fight hair loss effectively, it’s important to determine if you are a good candidate for PRP treatments. Whether you have been affected by age-related thinning or androgenetic alopecia, it may be a viable solution.
Mara will look at your hair follicles under magnification and can evaluate the degree of miniaturization present. The Ludwig Scale is a standard way to identify the level of hair loss in men and women: Type I is considered mild hair loss while Type II is moderate, and PRP is frequently used for these two classifications.
Keep in mind that PRP works on miniaturizing follicles, meaning if you have no miniaturization, then the PRP will not be as effective.
For example, if your hair is thinning from chronic telogen effluvium, then your follicles will be similar in size without dramatic miniaturization, but if you have androgenetic hair loss, miniaturization is present, and thus you will benefit.The sooner you seek treatment, the better results you are likely to experience.



The Treatment Process

In order to get the best possible results, advanced centrifuge technology is used alongside careful timing and an innovative application of PRP. This is how Mara has been able to provide more people with the results that they are looking for.
Three treatments are delivered approximately 2 to 3 months apart, ensuring that every hair on your head receives the treatment during what’s known as the anagen, or active growth, phase.
The process is quick and painless. Plasma is created using a high concentration of platelets. Your scalp will be numbed, though you will be awake through the entire treatment. A tiny needle is used to inject the platelets into the scalp where your hair growth is needed the most. Perhaps the best part about the process is that there is no recovery time. The platelets actually help the injection sites to heal quickly.
Due to the size of the needle, there are generally no visible signs of having the scalp treatment. There is also no downtime, though you may find that your scalp feels a little numb following the procedure. If you have any glued on or sown in hairpieces, they will need to be removed prior to the procedure.
If you are looking for more permanent solutions to hair loss beyond hairpieces and wigs, you may be a candidate for PRP/PL.
If you don’t want to undergo surgery, Platelet-rich plasma treatments are the best option for you. It is also important to figure out if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.
To learn more about PRP hair loss treatments, please contact Mara’s Med Spa at one of our two locations in the Dallas metroplex area. Uptown: 469-730-3333 or Highland Park: 214-373-9500.