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5 Informative Things to Know About Body Contouring Procedures

Aug 27, 2019 | Body Contouring

A major weight loss might leave you with sagging skin and fats. Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure performed to get the underlying tissue reshaped and to remove the extra body fat. Losing excessive weight is a good thing, but it might affect the elasticity of your skin tissues making your skin baggy. There are other reasons besides excessive weight loss that loosens up your skin tissues. Surgery, side effects of a medicine and aging are other causes to name a few.

Body contouring is a widely practiced cosmetic procedure usually used for facelifts, thigh lift, arm lift and lower body lifts. We’ve listed 5 facts that will inform you about the procedure and will answer your basic questions if you’re thinking of getting body contouring.

1- Ideal Candidates for Body Contouring

Well exercise is still the best way to lose extra fats, but there are instances where exercise might not suffice the purpose. If you need your body to get in a perfect shape, and you want that to happen on a short notice then body contouring is your thing. However, there are some prerequisites that qualify you as an ideal candidate for body contouring.

  • Adults with their weight loss stabilized
  • Healthy people with no medical conditions that may deter healing process
  • Nonsmokers
  • Individuals who intend to opt for a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and fitness post surgery

2- Recovery Time

Body contouring is actually a surgical procedure. This involves a good amount of recovery time and care. Doctors may advise you to apply medicine on the treated area, you’ll be kept on medication and thin tubes might be used to drain any excess of blood or fluid that may gather. You will also be advised to drink plenty of water. The total recovery time a person needs ranges between 1 to 3 weeks.

3- Results of Body Contouring

The results of body contouring are visible almost after the surgery and they last quite long as well. However, it depends on how fit you keep yourself and how well you’re able to maintain your weight once the surgery has been done.

4- Side Effects of Body Contouring

Again, body contouring is a surgical procedure. Thus, all the surgical risks like bleeding, infection, fluid accumulation, scarring and slow wound healing are associated with body contouring as well. These side effects also depend on the level of care you show during your healing time.

5- Preparing for Body Contouring

Your surgeon at the medical spa will guide you through according to your medical history, but some general practices include stopping smoking before the surgery, adjusting your current medication, getting a detailed lab test and clearance for the surgery by your primary care doctor.

Body contouring is a cosmetic surgery and it requires a professional service performing it. To find the right med spa and a qualified surgeon is imperative.