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How To Get Rid of Brown Spots On Your Face

Jul 25, 2022 | Anti-aging, Skin Resurfacing

To eliminate brown spots on your face, look to the light. Specifically, look to the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial we offer at Mara’s Med Spa.

An IPL photofacial is a safe, tested, and effective treatment for pigment issues and imperfections, including brown spots. Also known as Pulsed Light Therapy, IPL photofacials use a handheld device that emits pulses of broad-spectrum light applied directly to the skin. This light works on the deeper layers of skin, making it perfect for treating brown spots on your face as well as:

  • Freckles
  • Sun Damage
  • Spider Veins
  • Redness
  • Rosacea (enlarged facial blood vessels)
  • Pigment Imperfections
  • Broken capillaries

How Does an IPL Photofacial Get Rid of Brown Spots On Your Face?

An IPL Photofacial involves an Intense Pulsed Light that emits multiple wavelengths into the skin to target pigment-producing cells below the skin’s surface. The melanin in the skin soaks up the IPL photofacial light, which purposefully damages the melanin. The damaged melanin breaks up and is ultimately absorbed by the skin, decreasing its appearance on the skin’s surface. The treatment pulls brown spots to the surface, where they can flake off to reveal beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

Can Anyone With Brown Spots On Their Face Get an IPL Photofacial?

No. Clients with darker skin tone, a deep tan, or some clients with melasma typically do not make good candidates for IPL photofacials because darker pigmentation attracts the light, which could discolor darker skin tones and make melasma patches darker.

That said, some individuals with melasma can benefit from IPL photofacials. To find out if this treatment option is right for you, reserve your free consultation with one of our master estheticians today.

Additionally, individuals who take photo-sensitive medications, such as Accutane or a strong antibiotic, should not receive treatment until six months after the last dose. During your pre-treatment consultation with our master esthetician, we will review your current and past medications, ensuring you are a candidate for an IPL photofacial at Mara’s Med Spa.

What Is The IPL Photofacial Experience Like At Mara’s Med Spa?

When we begin your IPL photofacial, we will first apply a cool gel to the skin in the treatment area and supply you with special glasses to protect your eyes from the light. Once you’re ready, the esthetician takes a handpiece with a cold, smooth surface and runs it along the designated areas of your skin in a grid-like pattern as it pulses light.

We perform IPL photofacials in multiple sessions, with each treatment lasting up to an hour, depending on the amount of skin we are treating. An IPL treatment for dark spots on the face could take as little as 45 minutes.

Are IPL Photofacials To Get Rid of Brown Spots Painful?

Some clients have likened the brief sting of the pulsating light to being lightly snapped with a rubber band. While many people do not feel any discomfort or other side effects, some may experience redness or crusting or feel like they have a mild sunburn in the treatment area for several days.


After your treatment, your master esthetician will clean your skin and remove the gel. You will likely be slightly puffy and red, but there is no significant recovery time. You can reapply your makeup right away and return to your regular skincare routine shortly after your session. However, you should avoid direct sun exposure for at least one week and be consistent in sunscreen application.

Mara-brown spots on face before and after ipl photofacial

When Will I See Results? How Long Will They Last?

After a single treatment, your skin should feel smoother and appear to have a more evenly distributed tone. However, complete results appear gradually, and we recommend multiple treatment sessions for maximum improvement.

With the proper at-home skin care regimen, IPL photofacials can result in fewer brown spots on your face for up to a year.

Are You Ready to Come Into the Light?

If you are ready to eliminate the brown spots on your face, neck, chest, or other areas, step into the light with an IPL photofacial at Mara’s Med Spa. Every treatment we offer at Mara’s is hand-tailored to your unique skincare needs. We are dedicated to giving Dallas residents the luxurious med spa experience they deserve!

Contact us today to reserve your complimentary skin care analysis, and get ready to shine!

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