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How Growth Factors Can Take Your Skin to The Next Level

Jan 26, 2020 | Anti-aging, Facials

Growth factors play a pivotal role in maintaining firmness and elasticity in your skin. Daily use of skin care products or adding an upgrade onto your next facial treatment containing growth factors are known to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. 

Found in abundance throughout the body, growth factors are large proteins that float between cells communicating crucial messages relevant to growth, healing, and survival. They’re manufactured by all types of cells. In the skin, this includes those comprising both the outermost epidermal layer and the deeper dermis so, we’re talking the keratinocytes you can plainly see in the mirror, and the fibroblasts (collagen factories) and melanocytes (pigment-making cells) nestled down below.

Gail Naughton, a regenerative medicine researcher and growth-factor formulator, likens growth factors to keys, and their respective receptors to locks. “When the key clicks into the lock, it activates the cell to do things, like grow and divide, make more collagen and elastin, or increase blood flow.”

Starting in our late 20s the slower production of growth factors in the skin results in less cell growth, and thinner, less supple skin.

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