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Tighten, Tone and Define With Cooltone

Mar 5, 2020 | Body Contouring

Self-care also includes caring for the body which includes living a healthy lifestyle, following a nutrient-rich diet, and also physical activity. Unfortunately, not everyone, man or woman, can achieve the taut, firm, defined abs, buttocks, thighs and arms they desire, no matter how hard they try. Cooltone by Coolsculpting is a revolutionary new method of body contouring that can help you finally achieve a super toned and defined look, with added muscle mass and reduced fat.

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What is CoolTone?

Coming soon to Mara’s Med Spa Uptown is CoolTone, the latest tool in our body sculpting arsenal. Cooltone was designed to help y

ou build muscle in ways almost impossible with diet and exercise at a faster rate. Even though the word “cool” is in its name, there is no freezing or cooling technology involved like Coolsculpting. Instead, CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to tone, firm, and create definition!  This targeted energy goes directly to your muscles, stimulating supramaximal contractions, more powerful and effective than contractions you can achieve on your own in the gym. Just one 30-minute session produces in the range of 25,000 muscle contractions. The treatment creates muscle mass and definition in the following areas: abs, glutes, upper arms, and thighs. Because CoolTone is non-invasive, there is no recovery, downtime, or scars.  

With CoolTone, you can create stronger, ultra-toned muscles while you relax at Mara’s Med Spa Dallas. CoolTone sculpts and contours your muscles, creating a tighter, more fit look and an overall more ideal shape in just four 30-minute sessions.

For a more sculpted, lifted derriere or toned abs, you can find the lift and definition you have been looking for in just four 30-minute treatment sessions in the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms

Dallas Cooltone Results