What Are The Best Med Spa Treatments For Scars?

Apr 25, 2022 | Scars & Stretch Marks

Treatments For Scars At Mara’s Are More Effective and Affordable Than Ever

The treatments for scars we offer at Mara’s Med Spa in Dallas may differ in detail, but they all focus on the same goal: diminishing or eliminating the appearance of these often embarrassing skin imperfections. We have all dealt with a scar at one time or another. Whether scraping your knee as a child or cutting yourself while chopping vegetables, you likely have a scar to show for the experience. But while these scars are short-term, many others are more long-lasting or permanent, such as those caused by acne, surgery, burns, or serious injuries. For these marks that don’t go away with time, the treatments for scars we provide at Mara’s Med Spa offer a future where they are barely visible and no longer a burden.

Mara’s scar removal treatments are suitable for most skin types, scar sizes, and budgets. They are safe and effective with minimal discomfort and downtime. We use the most advanced scar removal technology and techniques to help you drastically reduce the appearance of your scars.

Here are four popular treatments for scars we provide at Mara’s:

Laser Resurfacing Scar Removal Treatment

Laser resurfacing treatments for scars, and acne scars, in particular, are an effective and accessible solution to one of the most troublesome and common skin conditions faced by teens and adults alike.

The treatment involves directing carefully controlled pulses of light into the epidermis. The duration and frequency of the pulses are custom-calibrated to your needs to reduce acne without damaging the surrounding tissue. Here’s how that is possible.

The cells that line the blood vessels feeding the sebaceous glands absorb laser light and convert it into heat. That heat from the laser helps remove the top layer of the skin where a scar has formed. Once this outer scar layer peels off, the skin appears smoother, and the scar becomes less visible.

Additionally, as the scar tissue breaks apart, light and heat from the laser also encourage the growth of new, healthy skin cells. The laser’s heat draws blood flow to the area, and inflammation decreases as the laser targets blood vessels in the scar.

Microneedling Scar Treatments

Microneedling is a highly effective treatment for various types of scars, including acne, stretch marks, surgical procedures, wounds, and even stretch marks and scars that come with aging. The process involves using a small, handheld device to prick the skin with tiny, sterilized needles. This stimulates the production of collagen, which can promote new tissue growth and healing.

One study of 120 people with various types of scars found that after one to six microneedling treatments, over 80 percent of participants had 50 to 75 percent improvement, and 65 percent of participants showed over 75 percent improvement in the appearance of their scars.

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Mara - Treatments for scars - chemical peelsChemical Peels For Scar Removal

Chemical peels are one of the most commonly requested scar treatments at Mara’s Med Spa. Chemical peels for scars reduce the visibility of mild scarring by using a unique chemical formulation to remove outer layers of older skin.

During a chemical peel treatment session, one of our specially trained and experienced medical estheticians will apply a chemical solution to the area with the scar. This cocktail is customized to exfoliate and peel off the dead skin cells, leaving behind smoother and less wrinkled skin.

Dermaplaning Facial Treatments for Scars

Dermaplaning facials are a non-chemical exfoliation treatment for deep acne scars that leaves behind smooth, radiant, and youthful skin. Scar removal patients see a reduction in acne scars, brighter skin, and fewer wrinkles. Dermaplaning is safe and effective for virtually everyone and usually involves little to no downtime. At Mara’s, we often combine our dermaplaning facials with chemical peels. Our clients have seen excellent results with this customized treatment plan because the physical exfoliation of the skin with dermaplaning prepares the skin for deeper absorption of the chemicals in the peel.

Mara’s Med Spa: The Premier Dallas Destination for Scar Removal

Every scar tells a story. But if you would rather not share that story, Mara’s Med Spa can help with our customizable treatments for scars. The first step is free and easy – contact us to reserve your free skincare consultation and skin evaluation.

You will meet with one of our highly trained skin specialists with expertise in modern scar removal treatments during your free consultation. Our expert medical estheticians will evaluate your scars and offer recommendations to decrease and even eliminate their appearance. Call us today or visit one of our two Dallas locations.

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