The Fountain of Youth Facial is unlike any other because it not only leaves you looking completely rejuvenated, but it also carries its effects for 3-4 months! This facial uses a revolutionary micro channeling device that contains 24K needles, each of which is smaller than a hair follicle! This device delivers key products to the skin such as PRP, derma fillers, Botox, growth factors and antioxidants!

The Fountain of Youth Facial is meant to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, decreased skin elasticity, discoloration, and loss of facial volume. We offer 3 tiers for this facial, each containing a different variety of products.

fountain of youth facial

Tier 1, which is our basic procedure, is great for everyone with no downtime! We recommend 1 every 4 weeks and this tier can also be added on to any other facial you receive with us! Tier one contains a basic cleansing, bio-cellulose mask, intense hydrating mask, H.A., 24K gold peptides, and growth factor. The results are amazing!

Tier 2, which is for good to moderately damaged skin, is ideal for men or women concerned with anti-aging and total facial rejuvenation. This tier contains H.A, 24 Karat Gold peptides, cocktail, growth factor, PRP, 10 units of Botox, and filler. There are about 3-6 days of downtime, but the Fountain of Youth Facial will have you looking years younger and will last up to 4 months!

Tier 3 is customized to every client. This is best suited for severe skin damage and results in total facial rejuvenation. This tier contains H.A. 24 K gold peptides, cocktail, growth factor, stem cells, PRP, 15 units of Botox and filler. The downtime for this tier is usually 5-7 days.

We are so excited to offer the Fountain of Youth Facial to our clients and can’t wait for you to try it! Give us a call to schedule a free consultation to see which tier is best for you! (469) 730-3333.