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How Does Laser Facial Hair Removal Work?

If You Are Done With Shaving and Epilating, You’re Ready To Start Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal is a safe and effective solution to unwanted facial hair. For years, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and med spas have used precisely controlled and calibrated laser light to address a wide range of skin conditions and imperfections, including laser skin tightening and laser toenail fungus treatment, and laser skin rejuvenation. But hair removal is easily the most established and popular laser cosmetic treatment we provide at our two Mara’s Med Spa locations in Dallas.

Why are these treatments so popular? Because Dallas residents are busy people who love smooth skin! The short time it takes for the laser facial hair removal treatments at Mara’s Med Spa will seem like no time at all compared to the hours you’ll save throughout the rest of your life no longer shaving, epilating, or using removal creams as much as you used to. After a few treatments, shaving and epilating become easier since there are fewer strands to target.

Here is how laser hair removal works and what to expect during and after treatment.

How Laser Facial Hair Removal Works

Laser removal of facial hair works by targeting a pigment called melanin found in the bulge region deep within the hair follicle. At Mara’s, we use an advanced diode laser to heat the melanin, damaging the follicle. The treatment will either destroy the follicle and eliminate future growth or damage the follicle to slow the growth of the hair in the follicle.

What to Expect During the Treatment

All laser treatments at Mara’s start in the same way. We begin by shaving off the surface hair in the target area and then applying a special gel to the skin. This gel helps to keep the skin cool and allows us to gently glide the laser device over the treatment area more easily. Most clients liken the feeling of laser hair removal to a snap of a small rubber band on your skin.

The duration of each treatment session will depend on the size of your treatment area and the extent of hair we need to remove. Because removing facial hair is done on a smaller area than your extremities, the length of time in the treatment chair is understandably less.

The typical laser hair removal patient needs five to eight treatment sessions, spaced approximately four to six weeks apart. Multiple sessions are necessary because body hair grows in cycles, and while some follicles may be growing hair, other follicles may be in a resting phase.

When Will I See Results And How Long Will They Last?

Your facial hairs do not fall out immediately after treatment but rather shed over days to weeks. Results can vary, but most people experience hair removal that lasts several months and might last for years. While laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal, the hairs that grow back are usually finer and lighter in color, making them far less visible.

Does Laser Facial Hair Removal Work For People With Darker Skin?

As noted, hair removal with a diode laser works by targeting the pigment found in the hair. That pigment is typically dark. In the past, the issue for individuals with darker skin who wanted laser facial hair removal was the lack of contrast between the hair and skin. Older lasers had difficulty distinguishing between the pigment in hair and the pigment in the skin. Since the laser was applied to both the facial hair and the skin surrounding it, it could result in dark and light spots on the skin, blisters, and occasional scarring.

mara-laser facial hair removal with diode is safe for dark skinBut the advanced diode laser system we use at Mara’s makes laser facial hair removal safe and effective for people of all skin tones. Diode lasers use low fluence that decreases side effects related to dark skin color while remaining effective at removing targeted hair. One study of such lasers found that their “high repetition rate produces high performance in hair removal results with virtually no adverse effects. Overall, this unique technology has proven effective and safe for patients with dark skin types.”

Additionally, the diode laser we use in our laser hair removal treatments works significantly faster and delivers better results than intense pulse light (IPL) therapies, the other primary type of laser hair removal device. Typically, IPL hair removal requires more sessions than diode treatments and is more uncomfortable.

Why Choose Mara’s Med Spa for Laser Facial Hair Removal

As effective as a diode laser is for removing unwanted facial hair, a laser hair removal device is still only as good as the person operating it. Do your research before choosing a medical spa or another provider for your laser hair removal treatment. Ask questions about how long they have been offering these treatments and how frequently they perform them. Also, ask to see before and after photos of patients that have undergone laser facial hair removal under their care.

The importance of entrusting your skin to an experienced professional cannot be understated. This is one of the many reasons Mara offers free consultations for our most popular med-spa treatments. We believe that accurate information is empowering. You should have confidence that when you choose Mara’s Med Spa, you are choosing the right Dallas med spa for your laser hair removal needs!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted facial hair, contact Mara’s Med Spa today to reserve your complimentary laser facial hair removal consultation with one of our experienced, knowledgeable staff members.

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